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University Of Traditional Medicine

About The University

UTM is one of the unprecedented and leading educational institutions in the region. For the whole period of its activity, the university administration and the professors consistently have sought to implement the educational process in accordance with international standards. Staff consists of experienced scientists, professors and doctors, whose work has a great reputation and occupies a worthy place in the system of higher education.

University prepares high-level medical scientists who are experienced in using scientific empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment of traditional and modern medicine. Those, displaying clinical flexible thinking, apply their theoretical and practical knowledge, gained during their studies, in practice, combining traditional medicine and modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The initiative to invest centuries-old traditional medicine research in the learning process as well as the best service in the field of integrative medicine were highly appreciated during the international conference held in Cyprus in 1998.


UTM Library had about 6150 copies of educational and scientific literature. Alongside with traditional library fund the University also has electronic library.

Student Council

UTM Student Council is a representative, self-governed and the highest elected body representing social interests of students. It is non-political and non-partisan organization. UTM Student Council expresses and defends the interests of students, promotes their educational, scientific, artistic, physical, moral and spiritual development.

SC has established committees whose task is to work in the following areas:

Students' moral development is the goal of the cultural sector, and the SC organizes more events to reach it.

The sport sector’s responsibility is to organize sports competitions and events periodically.

The main goal of the entertainment and recreation sector is to provide the students with entertaining programs.

The progress’ sector members should try to generate competition in the performance of students and organize “Best Student” awards each semester.

The members of external relations’ sector should liaise with other universities and organize meetings.

SC committees involve both Armenian and foreign students

Scientific Medical Centre

University’s Scientific Medical Training Center provides medical and scientific services. The chair of “Traditional Medicine” and the dental offices are located in the Training Center and, in addition to educational activities, perform the following services:

general medical practice, needle-burning therapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy, neurology, reflexotherapy, endocrinology and physiotherapy.

therapeutic dentistry, dental surgery and orthopedic dentistry.

Medical Training Center cooperates with local and international non-governmental organizations to enhance the effectiveness of its activities, taking into account the students' and society's needs and expanding the scope of its activities.

The integration of traditional and modern medicine is also practiced in the SMTC, which makes the treatment more effective.

Medical services of the Training Center are provided for inhabitants of the regions, foreign citizens and university students.


11.7 LAKHS

Total Tuition fees

High quality Medical Education at reasonable cost

Salient Features

Best Govt - Aided University in Armenia

Founded in 1995

Eligibility: 50% in PCB

No Donation

English Medium

MCI and WHO listed

Bank loan eligible/ Low cost of living

Indian Mess facility/Bangalore climate


Details of University Fee for the Academic Year 2018-2019 in Republic of ARMENIA

  • Medium of instruction is in English.
  • he student should be prepared to pay the University fee directly to the University in US Dollars or its Representative Fission in Indian Rupees in the month of August every year. First year fees can be paid in the month of July to block hostel space in advance.
  • One US Dollars is approximately 64 Indian rupees. Exchange rate may differ.
  • When a student pays the tuition fee in Full for the whole 5.8 years of study in a single payment. a discount on the tuition fees is applicable depending on the university.
  • The Hostel fee mentioned below is for basic hostels. Those who wish to get accommodated in premium hostels (University approved flats) from the first year itself will have to pay the difference in hostel fees.
  • The student has to pay from 150-200 USD for Medical Insurance and visa extension each year apart from fee mentioned below.
  • One-time immigration charges of 200-400 USD will be applicable for the first year only as per the immigration laws of Armenia (RA)


While submitting the application the student shall pay a registration fee of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only). On receipt of admission letter from the University, the student will have to pay Rs. 100,000/-* (Rupees one lakh only) for admission processing & on receipt of Passport, Rs. 50,000/-* (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) for visa and other incidental expenses.

The Admission Processing Fee shall include:

Admission Fee and administration charges involved in obtaining the admission letter from the respective Govt. Medical University.

The Visa and other incidental charges shall include: Student visa invitation and courier charges Embassy fees for visa stamping Visa documentation charges

Arrangement to receive the Student on his/her first arrival Abroad at the airport or at the railway station of the city where the University of study is located.

Providing vital information, tips, guidance and assistance to the student for study Abroad and MCI assistance.

Providing information about the student's progress and their academic performance to the parents periodically as and when received from the University (every semester) *.

Registration & Admission processing fees shall be refunded if admission is not provided in either of the Universities as sought by the student in the application form. *

Rector Message:

A well-educated and conscientious specialist is the wealth of the state.The role and place of each state in the rapidly evolving world is conditioned by the rich, professional knowledge of young people.The modern world has new requirements for education. Now it's not enough just to be a specialist. All the processes in the field of education are aimed at training competitive and qualified specialists. Qualified education, being a high-quality specialist, is the imperative of time. We can deal with world-wide changing challenges only with contemporary, stable, rich knowledge.The University of Traditional Medicine has high reputation in the educational system of Armenia.Being guided by its adopted principle, to be  uncompromising to the students with no progress and to have to prepare only competent, well-educated and qualified specialists, our university has become an alternative for teaching.

The graduates of the university are are competitive in all the fields of practical and theoretical medicine.The students enter the university with the desire to acquire new knowledge and become a good professional. And they do not make a mistake.I want to assure you that the administration of the university will do everything to make the years of your education meaningful and interesting.So, our exhortation to all students is to use your best years to get high-quality education, high-level professional knowledge and skills.

Rector: bio. doc., professor N. Kh. Saribekyan.

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