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Semey State Medical University


Semey Medical University was established in 1953 (opening of general medicine faculty). 320 students were enrolled in 1953. Over the years of its existence, graduates of the university successfully work over the whole Kazakhstan, as well as near and far abroad.

Semey Medical University has the rich historical traditions, enormous potential and authoritative schools. We have make the substantial contribution to the development of medicine and population health support. 

In 2019, Semey Medical University celebrates its 66th anniversary. This is one of the largest medical university in Kazakhstan with its own hospital and branches in Pavlodar and Ust Kamenogorsk.


"Contribution to improving the health of Kazakhstan population through quality training of competitive specialists by integrating best practices of education, clinics and science."


"SMU is considered to be the pearl of Kazakhstan’s healthcare through the successful synthesis of education, science and practice."


History of Semey Medical University began on September 1, 1953 with the opening of medical faculty, who were enrolled  the first 320 students. All the years of the existence of high school graduates  began  more  than  25 thousand people  who  are  working  successfully in Kazakhstan  and  abroad.  Including  3  of academician, deputies of the Parliament of Kazakhstan,  6  people  worked  rectors of medical  schools,  14  heads  of regional health departments and other prominent figures of science and practice.

Over  the  past  few  years  to  improve the organization of the educational process developed a scientific medical potential, stronger material and technical base. University became known in the country and the world, is developing   intensively. Since 2009, it was granted the status of University.  Now  it  is  a multi-Medical University, educational and cultural center in the East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions.

In  order  to  achieve  high  goals  at the University employs more than 1,500 professors, teachers, staff and  physicians. Every  year  more  than  600  students  are students  of University, the total number of students  exceeds  4,000. The   university foreign students from India, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, and Russia.

 Salient features about MBBS course at Semey State Medical University

  • The cost of living in Semey in Kazakhstan is easily affordable.
  • All students are provided accommodation at Semey State Medical University.
  • Semey State Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India & World Health Organizations.
  • Semey State Medical University conducts no extra entrance exam to admit students.
  • Semey State Medical University provides a healthy environment for interaction among students of all nationalities, which leads to exposure to various cultures.
  • Semey State Medical University has various international cooperation programs.


 Educational and scientific laboratory of Semey medical University is intended for:

     •  To make students aware of the possibilities of the modern diagnostic and treatment equipment.

     •  To demonstrate and teach practical skills to students and test their medical knowledge in accordance with SOES and curriculums.

     •  To prepare scientific staff for the university from among faculty members, master’s degree students and residents.

     •  To provide students with research-scientific activity.

The main purposes of the laboratory:

1. Planning, organization of educational process on acquaintance, working off and delivery of practical skills on the modern equipment for laboratory and functional diagnostics with departments.

2. To plan and organize research activities provided by the curriculum and according to requests for scientific researches.

3. To organize and introduce scientific and methodical developments, innovative technologies aimed at improving academic, scientific and methodical activities.

4. To take a part in modernization of academic process in accordance with modern requirements for implementation of development strategy of university’s academic activity.

 Hostel at Semey State Medical University

Hostel for international students is located within 200 m of the main campus. It only takes 15 minutes to commute from the main campus to the hostel. The hostel is a 5 floor building which provides the students with a common space, laundry and a sports arena. The students from various nationalities give rise to a conducive environment to live.

Scientific Grants

One of significant direction of social-ecological development all over the world is becoming the innovative development model. Innovative model is also determined by the priority of our development in strategic policy “Kazakhstan – 2050”.

Currently, there are following principal directions of support of innovative activity:

1. Development of science and education for the purpose of augment of human potential.

2. Perfection of innovative business terms.

3. Improvement of innovative projects financing.

Support of fundamental and application researches is the direct state obligation in many developed and developing countries.


Term of study - 5 years of bachelor + internship

Graduating student completed one’s training qualifies of higher education with certification “a doctor” and certificate of completion of internship with independent admission to practice as general practitioner or sanitary engineer – epidemiologist.

Professional activity subjects of students are:

- Delivery of knowledgeable health care for adult and childhood population by frequent disease of internals

- Delivery of secondary care in condition of primary health care

- Organization and holding of sanitary and epidemiological activities

- Planning of researches and cultivation of pedagogic skills

Bachelor of medicine have a right to continue education in a magistracy

Rector Message

„In simplest terms, we offer more and better, in much better conditions SEMEY STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY continues its mission to provide top quality education, since we believe that it is the only way to provide the passage to quality and highly paid work position. The point is not in studying per se, nor in gaining a university degree only. The most important thing is to study the right thing, at the right place, with the right method – to get the real job”



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