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Lviv National Medical University

About Lviv National Medical University

Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky is one of the leading medical universities of the IV level of accreditation, which has a long history and glorious traditions. Subordinated to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. According to the performance indicators of the LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky, he holds leading positions in ratings among institutions of higher education and higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine.

In 2018, at the Tenth International Exhibition "Innovation in Modern Education", the Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky was awarded the Golden Medal and Diploma in the nomination "International cooperation as a factor of modern development of the educational institution in the conditions of globalization and internationalization of education" and the Diploma for active participation and presentation of innovative teaching technologies.

In the same year at the Ninth International Exhibition "Modern Educational Establishments - 2018" and the Seventh International Exhibition of Education World "World Edu" LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky was awarded honorary awards: Grand Prix "Leader of International Activities"; Gold medal in the nomination "Implementation of innovations in the pedagogical process for improving the quality of graduates knowledge"; A diploma for the presentation of achievements and innovative searches in the reform of the national sphere of education and science, as well as the Certificate of Quality of scientific publications (based on the scientifically based databases of SciVerse S?opus for 2017). The honorary diplomas of the exhibition were awarded to the rector of the Danylo LNMU.

Galytsky Boris Semenovich Zimenkovsky - for active organizational and pedagogical activity on the steady growth of the quality of modern education, as well as the dean for working with foreign students Yevhen Stepanovich Varivoda - for the persistent fruitful work on the introduction of innovative technologies in educational and scientific activities. The annual contingent of the University is about 20,000 people, of which 6273 students, 1,164 interns, and 11,593 cadets of FPI.

By the number of foreign students, the University is one of the leaders among the higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine, which testifies to its high authority in the world market of educational services. Today, 1137 foreign citizens from nearly 50 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, India and America are trained at the University, of which more than 80 percent are enrolled in English.

Clinical preparation of students, interns and students of the faculty of postgraduate education is conducted in 50 clinical departments located at 155 departments of clinical bases in 50 medical and prophylactic institutions of the city of Lviv, as well as Lutsk, Rivne, Truskavets. All clinical bases have the required number of specialists of higher qualification, sufficient level of material and technical base and necessary premises and agreements between higher educational establishments and healthcare institutions, which establishes the forms of mutual relations, rights, responsibilities and responsibilities of each of the parties. The university also has its own clinical base - the Dental Center with 1,480 visits per shift.


In 2018, according to the rating given on the basis of scientometric monitoring of subjects of scientific and publishing activity of Ukraine according to the indicators of the database SciVerse Scopus, Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky took the 11th place among 162 institutions of higher education of Ukraine, having in its assets 36 points in the index Worst (h-index). According to this indicator, our University is the second among the medical universities of Ukraine and the third among the universities of Lviv.

In 2018, the international publishing company Clarivate Analytics, together with the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, awarded the Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky the title of the winner of the "Web of Science Awards Ukraine 2018" Award and recognized as the leader of science in Ukraine in the category "Public Strategy".

In 2018 Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky took the 2 nd place in TOP-10 of the best medical educational institutions of Ukraine according to the consolidated rating of higher educational institutions of Ukraine of the information resource "".

In 2018, according to the international rating of Webometrix, which analyzes the performance of about 22,000 universities from around the world on the level of their presence in the network, Danyl Halytsky LNMU took the first place among domestic medical care institutions and 15th place among all the defense companies of Ukraine.

Young university scientists participated in master classes for the provision of first aid, plastic surgery and healthy eating, the Canadian-Ukrainian international scientific and practical conference "Actual questions of child urology", scientific symposium with international participation "Christmas Readings". Together with the student's scientific society, "Days of Science" were organized and conducted with the participation of the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

According to the results of the sectoral rating, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky won the I place among the higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine by the indicators of educational and methodological work. According to the results of the national consolidated rating of universities of Ukraine in 2018, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the University ranked second in the TOP-10 "Best Medical Higher Educational Institutions" nomination.

In 2018, according to the rating system of the "?????.?????.UA" information system, institutions of higher education of Ukraine, in terms of the average grade of external qualifications of entrants, who in 2018 were enrolled in higher education according to the budget form of education, LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky, took the first place among medical ZOOs and the third place in the overall ranking of all higher education institutions in Ukraine.


The Scientific Library of the LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky actively works, the actual direction of which is to increase the level of information service of users and to expand the automation of library processes. The combination of traditional and electronic resources in a user-friendly manner contributes to the maximum satisfaction of information queries. The main information array of the library is about 650 thousand copies. For the purpose of full and prompt formation of information resources, the library uses traditional (printed) and electronic sources of current and retrospective information. Every year, publications are searched and contacts are established with publishers for the purchase of specialized literature. To a large extent, funds are replenished by publications of our scholars. The Council of Young Scientists of the University brings together scientific and pedagogical workers of a certain age group. This includes graduate students, postgraduate students, clinical interns, applicants for a degree and candidates in medical sciences, assistants and associate professors under the age of 35. The joint efforts of the Department of Personnel and the Department of the University, formed a general register of young scientists of the LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky, which included 314 people from all departments and subdivisions.

University library contains more than 530000 volumes of textbooks, manuals and other relevant medical literature.

Student life

About 2746 students are studying at 38 departments here. 484 foreigners are studying at the faculty as well. The teaching process is carried out by 500 teachers – academicians, professors, assistant professors, senior teachers and assistants. The annual university number of students is more than 19100 persons, which includes 5426 undergraduate students (including more than 1000 foreign students), 62 students of Preparatory Course, more than 1500 internship doctors, 50 students of Master's program, 70 students of PhD program, 70 Postgraduate doctors (Clinichna Ordynatura), around 11000 students of Faculty of Postgraduate training, 312 students of Medical College.



University researchers take part in international forums: symposiums, congresses, conferences, workshops and meetings held in Austria, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Canada, Israel. , Serbia, Hungary, Armenia, Belarus, Switzerland, Argentina, the Netherlands and others.

The scientists of the LNMU named after Danylo Halytsky are active members of European and international professional societies. Honorary Doctors of the University are distinguished scientists from the leading universities of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, USA and other countries.

Rector Message

The world is becoming increasingly complicated now a days and it requires an individual to possess high level of education and skills.Entering a higher education institution is typically considered as a tool of getting a promotion and high profits.However Education is much more than preparation for career .Good eucation enriches one’s life.and improves one’s understanding of the world.It also enables to learn to evaluate it critically making positive changes.

Now a days Ukraine takes the leading part in the area of education among Central Asian Republics. Lviv National Medical University being a leader of higher education in the Ukraine,meets the new challenges of the time.It’s the only university in Ukraine that trains students not only in pedagogic specialities but also in Medicine,Law,Theology,Music,Fine Arts,Agriculture and Social Work.There are many options open to you.

Lviv National Medical University has sufficient innovative potential for effective introduction of new teaching technology into academic process.To integrate the world educational community, Lviv National Medical University develops international cooperation with more than 30 educational and research institutions abroad. The university is a participant of various international programmes.
Numerous employees of our university are ready to serve you providing with our immense intellectual and material resources.We welcome everybody who seek for developing the potential of a free individual with democratic values.
I have a pleasure to welcome you to the University, one of the oldest European universities, we are proud to offer our medical, dental, pharmaceutical and postgraduate education programs. The University offers an intimate, collegial environment, which fosters human values and genuine learning. This is in harmony with the traditional idea of living and learning together.

Rector  Prof.Dr. Borys S. Zimenkovsky

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