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Bogomolets National Medical University

 About Bogomolets National Medical University

Bogomolets National Medical University is a leading Medical School in Ukraine, one of the best Educational Establishment of Higher Learning in Educational, Methodical and Humanitarian Activities, great leading Scientific and Preventive Care Centre. Educational process carries out by 48 departments which are responsible for curriculum development for all medical schools in Ukraine. In 2005 at University was implemented ECTS. Our scientists received 738 patents for invention, 200 contemporary research projects (annually), more then 50 research grants. Annually our students participation in international congresses conventions and conferences. University publishes 22 scientific magazines and thesis books.

BNMU cooperates with Kaunas  University ( Lithuania ), Institute of Public Health ( Poland ), University of Alabama at Birmingham (the USA ), University of Iowa ( the USA ), Karolinsk Institute ( Sweden ).

For foreign students education is available in English language. Students from more than 20 countries, including India, Israel, Iraq , Iran , the USA , Turkey , Sweden, Africa take their training in English. Here are specially training teaching staff for foreigners. 39 foreign students take part in clinical exchange programs in NMU. Currently at the BNMU trains more than 1156 students from 53 countries. Material and technical base: 161 training bases (including 120 clinical pharmacy bases), a private dental clinic, sanatorium, a sports recreation, 16 computer classes, student campus dormitory, library with fund for more than 700 thousand units of scientific literature and also electronic database supply, 2 computer reading halls with access to the Internet.

For foreign students education is available in English language. Students from more than 17 countries take courses in English, among which are students from Israel , India , Iraq , Iran , USA , Turkey , Sweden.


The winner of Kiyv Sofia prize for the best university rate among Ukrainian medical Education Institutions in 2001, 2004, 2005.

The winner of a golden medal of the 9th International ?xhibition of educational establishments “Contemporary education in Ukraine – 2OO6” in nomination “Implementation of Innovations”.

Diploma for great achievements in innovation development of educational process.

2 awards of International Exhibition “Education and career”

6 Diplomas of the 3rd National Specialised Exhibition “Health care industry-2006”


The library of National medical university was founded in 1841 as the library for medical faculty at Kyiv Saint Volodymyr University on the base of funds at Vilno medical surgical academy. Until 1941 the library included almost 300,000 books and journals. They almost all were destroyed during German fascists’ occupation. During the war Kyiv medical institute was evacuated to Cheliabinsk. In February, 1944 the institute with the library stock of 8,500 books returned to Kyiv. The replenishment of stock from private libraries, second-hand bookshops and receipt of compulsory copy started. The library stock is multidisciplinary, the total number of 650,000 copies in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French and other foreign languages, in particular, 42,650 foreign books and journals and 4,000 rare editions. The book stock is the unique collection of scientific medical, medical biological, public political and fiction literature.

At present moment the library consists of 7 sections: book acquisition, scientific processing of literature, book depositary, information bibliographic department, department of educational literature, department of scientific medical literature, department of public political and fiction literature.

The library has 7 reading halls (4 of them in hostels). Every year the library performs approximately 50 information events, serves over 10,000 readers, publishes over 600,000 copies of literature.

 Rector Message

The Principle aim of the Bogomolets National Medical University is to provide training to the medical students so that they can be able to prove themselves best in the medical profession. Students from across 56 nationals came to study because of international agreements that enable teachers and students to participate in traineeship programmes and in scientific conferences

The Bogomolets National Medical University provides :-

High level academic teachers to nurture the student's potential and caliber
Best internet access and world class student campus.
A Unique foundation of scientific library
Highly equipped academic buildings and clinical database

European education offers value based learning and enriches human efforts. Education is being imparted under Ukrainian, Russian and English mediums of instructions. A large number of passed out students are at present engaged in highly reputed hospitals and leading educational institutions. Ukraine is one of the countries having very moderate climate round the year and an affordable living standard. The civil authorities believes in providing safety and secured living environment and the crime rates are also relatively lower than other European nations.

The faculties of the Top Medical Universities believe in providing education to the students and thereby enabling them to serve the mankind. Learning is provided with special emphasis on practical based curriculum. The Top Medical Universities thus organizes seminars, classroom teaching and conferences. Bogomolets National Medical University provides the students with the best possible opportunity to achieve their goals and objectives. The Medical Universities in Ukraine provides under graduate and post graduate degree courses that are recognized by the Ministry of Science and Education and Ministry of Health in Ukraine.

The Top Medical Universities has organized faculties of 

2.Dentistry/ Stomatology

The medical institution maintains cooperation with medical faculties of other foreign countries like Germany, France, England, Spain etc. The students of the Medical Universities in Ukraine take part in national and International sports contests. The institution also encourages students to undertake postgraduate studies which do not exceed three years. The Medical Universities in Ukraine offers part time jobs as well as paid internships to its candidates.

Ukraine is a country having diverse cultural, educational and economic advancements. The country people are generous and always welcome their visitors and guests. Students can interact with their fellow mates of other countries and can know about their culture, traditions and linguists. The medical institutions are meant for their excellence.

 Rector  Kateryna Amosova

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