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Astana Medical University

 About Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University (AMU) is one of the biggest and dynamic medical universities in Kazakhstan. The AMU enjoys a high reputation in the sphere of higher medical education, has its own traditions in the area of educational services as well as in the development of medical sciences and clinical activities.

On 26th October 1964 the Council of Ministers of the Republic had adopted the resolution on the opening of a Medical Institution in Tselinograd. In 1997 the institute was reorganised into the Academy, and in January 2009 it gained the university status. Based on the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan the University entered into the structure of the National Medical Holding.   It is significant that the change in the name and status of the university was followed by an increase in the number of courses and students. Moreover, the academic credit system and three-tiered system of education with Bachelor, Masters, and PhD Degrees were introduced. At present, we actively work on the introduction of innovative technologies into the educational process. The clinical bases of the University are located at the biggest national and republican centres (the subsidiary organisations of the National Medical Holding). For many years the University has been stably ranked as one of the leading medical universities in Kazakhstan. Our academic partners are the leading universities of the US, Singapore, Europe, and Russia. Further success of our graduates in finding the employment and career building confirms the quality of education we are offering.

The status of the University sets forth new objectives in the areas of medical education and science, thereby uncovering broad perspectives for the long-term sustainable development.

History of Astana Medical University

On the 26th October 1964 the Central committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and the Council of Ministers of the Republic (in accordance with the decision of the USSR Council of Ministers of 31st July 1964) adopted a resolution on the creation of Medical Institute in Tselinograd. During the period of October and November of the year1964 a group of lecturers (graduated from the Medical University of Alma-Ata) from the Alma-Ata Institute came to the Tselinograd State Institute.

 “Kazakh State Medicine Academy” MH RK was reorganised into the JSC “Kazakh Medical Academy” with 100 percent state participation in the share capital. From the 6th January 2009 the JSC “Kazakh Medical Academy” was transformed into the JSC “Astana Medical University” and entered into the structure of the JSC “National Medical Holding”. The clinical bases of the university are located in the major national and republican centres and scientific-research institutes, as well as in the subsidiary organisations of the National Medical Holding.

At present, there are 2 Dissertational Boards, 8 specialised scientific seminars functioning at the university, and 3 scientific medical journals are being published. Nowadays, Astana Medical University is having 60 departments that compose 4 main faculties and is offering ten degree choices. Overall, there are 5 university buildings, 2 halls of residences, a student cafe, as well as buffets inside the university buildings. The Astana Medical University has successfully passed certification and scientific accreditation in 2009. 

Why to apply Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University is one of the largest and fastest growing medical universities in our country, a leader in healthcare and continuing professional education, innovation, and the best scientific and clinical center.

Along with vocational training while studying at a university, much attention is paid to educating the high moral qualities of a specialist who is to work with patients.

Today the University is a unified research and educational complex: the results of scientific research immediately reach the audience for students, teachers and students participate in research, and research associates in the educational process.

Society today places quite high demands on health workers. The real reality is that improving healthcare professionals is a vital task. Naturally, in medical universities it is required not only to constantly raise the level of theoretical training of graduates, their mastering the skills of working with patients, but also to develop, to a certain extent, individual abilities for medical thinking. This is required by the state educational standard of professional higher education.

University education gives you the opportunity to find yourself in any field. Therefore, the task of students is not to lose a single day, successfully mastering their specialties. But the main thing that gives the young man his studies at the University is the ability to think independently and creatively. The strength of the University is a brilliant faculty. In our higher education institution 944 teachers teach, of which 53 are professors, 117 doctors of medical sciences and 262 candidates of medical sciences. Professors, teachers, research assistants help students master the skills of analysis, comparison, argument, reasoning.

Our University is among the top three medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, cooperating with leading universities in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Europe and Russia. Applicants who wish to pursue science have the opportunity to continue their studies in PhD, and residency programs.


 We offer hostel right in the heart of Astana, offering good value for money facilities for students! We believe in accessible and comfortable travel for all as well as an equipped kitchen.

In general, this is a very safe and comfortable area.

Our employees will be glad to support in terms of your need.

Rector Message


Being on the threshold of making a difficult and responsible decision - choosing an educational institution it is very important not to make a mistake. Your professional career, which will determine your life in many ways, depends on this. Properly made choices will allow you to gain the necessary skills and knowledge that will help to achieve success, and ensure a bright future.

You are young and eager to devote your life to the most honorable and noble, difficult and beloved business - to protect the most precious thing for a person - his health.

Everyone who makes the decision to study at the university, undoubtedly, believes that he can apply this knowledge. Unforgettable student years are waiting for you, tense and joyful. Do not waste a single minute. Strive not to miss a single word at the lectures of wonderful professors, look for truth in heated debates and discussions, take an active part in the public life of the University, for which all conditions are created here.

New opportunities are opening up before you, because the university graduates specialists - future doctors who are in great demand in the labor market of our country.

Astana Medical University welcomes those who have decided to master the professions that create the future!

Chairman of the Board , Rector of NAO "Astana Medical University"

doctor of medicine, professor

Dainius Pavalkis 






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